Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'll be at MSDN DevCon in Detroit

This Thursday, January 22, 2009, I'm going to be at the MSDN Developer Conference in Detroit. This is a really cool one-day event covering some of the highlights of the Microsoft PDC. Plus, Alan Stevens is running their "community courtyard" event, which focuses more on attendee involvement in discussions.

Given the amount of time there, I'm hoping to capture at least 10 stories. So, if you are there, feel free to find me and let's record your story.

I'll be spending most of my time at the community courtyard, talking to people about software craftsmanship and talking about pair-programming tours. I'll be arriving Wednesday night and leaving Friday morning, so I'll have plenty of time to do some interviews with people there.

After the conference, I'll be kicking off a week-long, Michigan journeyman tour, starting in Ann Arbor with Patrick Wilson-Welsh, then heading to Lansing to be hosted by Jeff McWherter.

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