Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'll be at acts_as_conference

February 6th and 7th, I will be in Orlando, Florida, at acts_as_conference doing "How I Got Started In Programming" interviews with as many people as I can. Are you going to be there? Find me and a quiet place, then lets get story-telling.

Given the amount of time I'll be at the conference, I am going to try to get 10 interviews.

Looking at the speakers for the conference, it promises to be a great one. If you haven't signed up, you really should. DHH is going to be there; Nathaniel Talbot (who has already agreed to an interview); Yehuda Katz; Bryan Liles; Jim Weirich; the list just goes on. I'm incredibly excited to be there, both as an attendee and doing the interviews.

As an added benefit, Confreaks is recording the sessions, which means that I'll be able to watch the sessions later, freeing me up to really focus on my reason for being there: recording people's stories.

The trip to acts_as_conference is possible only through some incredibly generous sponsorship, coordinated amazingly (and partially funded) by Anthony Eden (blog) of Anthony contacted me on twitter to say that I should come down to interview the Ruby and Rails people at the conference; It wasn't long after that, and he had secured sponsorship to support the interview trip.

After the conference, I'll be embarking on a pair-programming tour through the area from February 8th to the 19th. If you are interested in hosting me for some pair-programming fun, please contact me.

I will be updating this entry with all the sponsor information, as I get more details.

Robert Dempsey of Atlantic Dominion Solutions and the conference chair, is providing me a ticket to the conference. I'll like to express thanks to him and the confererence for extending this to some guy who's wandering around programming with people.

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