Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bryan Liles

Bryan Liles is a prominent thought leader in the Ruby community, focusing on showing people how to effectively test and manage the complexity in their systems. As I found when talking to him, he's also an amazingly warm person who really has an interest in helping people. This video was a lot of fun to do, and his offer at the end to come talk at schools is a first for our series.

I first heard Bryan say 'change the message or make it pass' during his talk, TATFT: A Layman's Guide, at acts_as_conference 2008, and it really resonated with me. The BDD workflow seems like it writes the code for you, allowing you to really focus on what the system need to be do, rather than what code needs to be written. Since I heard him say it, I've been repeating it to everyone that I work with.

As usual, I split this into 2 parts to make up for the amount of information in it. :)


Part 1

Bryan Liles - How I Got Started In Programming Part I from Corey Haines on Vimeo.

Part 2

Bryan Liles - How I Got Started In Programming Part 2 from Corey Haines on Vimeo.

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